Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Permaculture at Farmlab

This is from my friend Harold Linde, uber-activist and storied champion for environmental protection and action.  If you haven't been to Farmlab, here's your chance.  They're doing some great work in our fair City:

This Sunday the culmination of a 6 month permaculture design course is happening at the very interesting Farm Lab Studios in Chinatown.  My team—the newly established Taproot Perma-Design Group--has created a plan to completely transform and revolutionize the new campus of the Environmental Charter High School here in SoCal.  You are invited to attend (there is a “talent” show afterwards which I cannot vouch for.  

Please RSVP to

The time is 11:00 AM this Sunday March 2 at :

Farmlab / Under Spring / Not A Cornfield LLC
1745 N. Spring Street #4
Los Angeles, CA 90012